Viewport problems

Can anyone tell me what the following means? I have a shape which appeared to be correct in “Top view” and yet when I zoomed in on Front View or Right View I could see 2 lines meaning it’s not seeing it directly at 90deg from the top view. I’ve been using Rhino for many years and it’s a wonderful program. The only thing that has ever given me problems are the views. In this case I then used “Project to Cplane” (+ delete original) and yet the problem still existed. Then I did the “4View” command 4 times as I remember reading that resets the views and yet the problem is still there. Any ideas?

Further to the above, I ended up getting it right by putting a 3 point rectangle around the shape touching at the left, right and top extremities then setting the Cplane to that and the problem was gone. Next I exported a DXF from it and got the following. So the 3dm is perfect but the DXF right view is out… Luckily it doesn’t matter in the DXF and hopefully that top view is truly normal to the shape…

Hi Phillip - if you are sure that the top/edge on view itself is set correctly and is looking from the angle that you think it is, then, assuming that is looking at thr CPlane, the SetPt command is your tool here - use SetPt in Y only to smack that curve into plane.