Viewport performance improvements in WIP 8


I’ve noticed that the viewport performance in general in WIP 8 seems to be improved in all modes. Especially in ‘render’ mode. It also seems like the Cycles X implementation in going well.

My question is are there plans to implement some additional render features into the standard Rhino realtime render mode similar to Eevee. SUch as screen space reflections, depth of field etc? It could prove to be really useful for recording from presentation mode.

Also, any possibility of having a separate window for UV mesh editing and unwrapping that’s not in the actual modeling viewport, but instead docked in the UV editor pallet?

It may be my imagination, but it seems like the overall performance of the viewport is improved generally in WIP 8. Thanks for all the great work.

That’d be quite amazing, considering none of the code has landed yet. It’ll be more around or after summer that that will happen. I’m working on it every day though, automating about all aspects of the integration so that future updates will be less painful as it has been in the past 8 years.

If you talk about Raytraced mode then no - that is Cycles.

If you talk about Rendered mode then also no: I don’t think EEVEE like features are planned for Rendered mode in v8. What will be in Rendered mode is native GLSL implementation of procedural textures, removing the need for baking of procedural textures in Rendered display mode.

UV mesh editing has been thought about, a separate 2d viewport or (docked?) panel has been considered. We don’t know yet what we’ll do exactly, or if it even will make it in for v8, but improvements in the unwrapping are worked on by @Jussi_Aaltonen - they look already great.


I noticed that R8 performance is better also but I don’t know the reason till now :laughing:

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