Rendered Mode development

After some time without rendering anything in Rhino (maybe about 8 months?), I took a look at it again.
First of all, the Rendered mode looks so much better for me than what I was used to. I don’t know if it is because I was using V-Ray in the past and the materials were not previewing correctly (v-ray doesn’t care about some useful Rhino features, so that would be no surprise) or there was some development done?

Anyway, previewing scene in Rendered mode is much more eye-pleasing now, thank you for all the work!

To not make it all sweet, I need to mention about huge viewport performance drop if there is an Ambient Occlusion texture turned on in the material.

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Are you talking about the Physically Based material in Rhino WIP?

  • Andy

Yes, this one.

Hi @Czaja,

Thanks for the report - we’re actually aware of this but we didn’t have a YouTrack item for it yet, so I created one:


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I have an issue with selecting geometry in Rendered mode - there is a huge lag between click and selection.

Scene has around 400k polygons and uses 4k textures.

UI also acts very slow.

Hi @Czaja,

Can you give a link to the model so that we can take a look?


Can I send it somewhere? For some reason file is quite heavy. - 415 MB :grimacing: Also, it contains paid textures so I shouldn’t upload it publicly

You can use to upload confidential files and @DavidEranen will get an automatic notification when the upload has been completed. For completeness do add a copy of the link to this discussion in the comments section.

Hi, you don’t have to look into it now but please confirm if you received it. :slight_smile:

Another thing is how shadows sometimes look right now.

They are very far from the geometry edges.
Any slider-playing inside properties of Rendered mode isn’t helping.

I would be happy if user could quickly set up sun & shadows to the point where a good approximation of real-world shading scenario is shown on the screen.

As you probably know there are regulations in building law about minimal sun hours exposition of building windows. Many times this is one of the most important things in the project.
Of course we can use Ladybug or other, simpler GH approaches to receive precise results but it is overkill to use it just for a quick check.

So, the possibility to set shadows the way that we receive not pretty, maybe even performance heavy but quite sharp and precise shadows would be extremely helpful to all people working with architecture inside Rhino. There are quite a few users like that :wink:

Performance given from shadows from default Rhino hdri map is very, very low.