Rendered Mode development

After some time without rendering anything in Rhino (maybe about 8 months?), I took a look at it again.
First of all, the Rendered mode looks so much better for me than what I was used to. I don’t know if it is because I was using V-Ray in the past and the materials were not previewing correctly (v-ray doesn’t care about some useful Rhino features, so that would be no surprise) or there was some development done?

Anyway, previewing scene in Rendered mode is much more eye-pleasing now, thank you for all the work!

To not make it all sweet, I need to mention about huge viewport performance drop if there is an Ambient Occlusion texture turned on in the material.

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Are you talking about the Physically Based material in Rhino WIP?

  • Andy

Yes, this one.

Hi @Czaja,

Thanks for the report - we’re actually aware of this but we didn’t have a YouTrack item for it yet, so I created one:


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I have an issue with selecting geometry in Rendered mode - there is a huge lag between click and selection.

Scene has around 400k polygons and uses 4k textures.

UI also acts very slow.

Hi @Czaja,

Can you give a link to the model so that we can take a look?


Can I send it somewhere? For some reason file is quite heavy. - 415 MB :grimacing: Also, it contains paid textures so I shouldn’t upload it publicly

You can use to upload confidential files and @DavidEranen will get an automatic notification when the upload has been completed. For completeness do add a copy of the link to this discussion in the comments section.