Viewport modes, has something changed?

One of the best features for me with V6 was the new and improved viewport modes. I was able to modify an existing mode and I used it to create “CAD” views, to show along with some rendered ones. This worked great, especially when I had containers that were all clear plastic, the viewport mode allowed for a great view of the container structure:

My laptop needed to have a clean install and I lost what settings I had used with these images. For the life of me, I’m not able to re-create this look. I’ve played with settings for hours, trying to get the same look. I’m starting to wonder if something has changed since the first releases of V6. There has been several updates since I last tried to make these types of images, but I seriously can’t achieve the same look. The closest I’ve been able to get is something like this:

I can’t get the hidden lines to be solid, if I could, I’d be all set. I’ve changed them everywhere that I can find (per layer, per object, etc.) without any luck. I’ve also noticed that what I see in the viewport in Rhino is different then the image I get when I save the viewport as a file. It used to be WYSIWYG, but now I see that there is a difference:

You can see the difference is the shading. The top is a capture of the viewport and the bottom is the same viewport saved by capturing it to a file. Has something changed in regards to the viewport modes? I can’t believe that I can’t figure out how to get the same look as I did before.

Hello - can you export your display mode from Options > View > Display Modes and post it here? (BTW, this is something you should do once you get it sorted out and put a copy of the resulting ini file someplace safe)



Here it is.

MJC Clear Plastic Render.ini (11.5 KB)

Hello- Try: Turn off hidden lines and in the setting for ‘Backface settings’, set ‘UseObject’s color’ and I also messed with a ‘Custom material for all objects’. Dunno if we’re getting at all close…

PG Clear Plastic Render.ini (11.6 KB)


The hidden lines are what I’m having the trouble with. I want to keep them, as it shows that the containers are transparent. My biggest issue is I can’t make them solid, regardless of what I try, they remain hashed, I need them solid.

I thought perhaps you’d used the backface setting to generate the hidden lines - Technical mode hidden lines have always been dashed, as far as I can recall.


The one thing I do remember is that the base mode that I used supported the individual shading and thickness of the hidden, edge and silhouette lines, along with control of line types. I guess I need to go through them and try to figure out which modes support those functions. Once I figure this out, I WILL export and save the configuration!