Having trouble with exporting views from my model

I am having issues exporting views from my Rhino using my custom display mode, the views don’t export as displayed in the viewport. When I “-ViewCaptureToFile” an image the same size as the viewport then it works fine, but when I increase the size of the image export then it comes out looking strange. This issue does not occur in the “Shaded” display mode but does occur in other display modes like “Arctic” or “Artistic” and my custom display mode which which is a variation of “Arctic”. I have also tried exporting images using “File” > “Print” > “Image File” but this issue still occurs. I’ve even tried to export within a layout but also no luck. Does anyone have any ideas? The images below show the issue I’m facing. Both “Shaded” images which are different sizes exports fine. The other two images are my custom display modes, only the one that is the same size as my viewport exports fine, the larger image doesn’t export as displayed in the viewport.

try duplicating your custom view, then reset to defaults on your copy.

Does it behave now?

if so, compare to your original custom view settings and change them one at a time on the copy.

Test your view after each change- this is to find out which setting is causing the issue. Once you can narrow it down please let us know which one was the issue and we’ll get the devs to look into it-

Hi Kyle,

The issue ended up being a bug with Rhino 6. I upgraded to Rhino 7 to fix the issue.

Thanks for your help.

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