Viewport bug - white object

When FBX is imported one object remains white no matter which viewport setting are
is it something with high-poly mesh object?


certain buildings look fine and others turn completely white (see also image attached)
tried matching properties with the buildings that look fine, but it does not solve the problem

check to make sure they are not imported as blocks… use the selblock command. If they are blocks, explode them back to regular geometry-

SelBlock command is unknown in Rhino 6
however Explode is not working either - to many individual objects (20.000)

Hello - can you export one or two of the bad guys to a new file and post it here or send to, along with a link back here in your comments? If the objects are meshes, please try RebuildMeshNormals on them - anything good happen?


as I mentioned white object and normal ones are the same properties

sample scene is attachedAlbuquerque International.3dm (15.7 MB)

Hello - select the too-bright mesh and RebuildMesh.


I did the same as pascal and got the same result- rebuildmesh for the win!

wow that worked!
thank you very much
by the way - how it is possible to keep layers structure from FBX file (same as DWG import does)