Viewport background tile


Does anybody know if it’s possible to set a viewport background image as a repeatable pattern?

Thanks in advance

@jeff - is this something you could help with?

This is currently not doable with the current SDK…but it’s certainly something that can be done/added. Drawing it is the simple part… providing the UI to configure it would be most of the work.

But we need to be a bit more clear here… “Background image” can mean several different things when it comes to the viewport…

  1. Background bitmap
  2. Wallpaper
  3. Display mode background setting set to “Image”

The first one (background bitmap) is probably not something you’ll want to tile… But in any of the cases, it’s going to require different UI in different places. The display mode setting is probably the easiest solution.


Also know that this could get a bit more complicated than it sounds when Rhino’s internal tiling kicks in during very large renderings and printing… Rhino “tiles” the rendering/print into smaller, more manageable pieces, and then stitches them together in the end…and there’s special case code in there that makes sure the background does not get tiled, for obvious reasons… But now, we would have to tile the image within the current tile, so that when stitched into the final image, the tiling is not only correct, but correctly lines up across the internal tile boundaries.

Anyways…just throwing that out there as a possible roadblock.


Hi @jeff, i just tried a possible hack which works in Rhino 6 and higher by creating a custom environment with planar projection with a texture like this one:


In the preview dialog of the environment, all looks fine, i’ve set the tiling (repeat) of the texture as shown below:

Unfortunately, this is where Rhino did have a problem, the display looks like this once the environment is applied to Rendered display mode, created with _ViewCaptureToClipboard:

Don’t know why it looks so pixelated. Any hint ?

ADD: When trying to use _Render using this emap, the tiling is completely ignored.

Thanks you for the answers, the point would be to set background bitmap applied to one or more dp modes (if using application settings), like setting the Rhino Wallpaper but in tile mode.