BUG: printing Background on PDF from layout (V5SR5)

This my problem:
I cant get to have a background printed on PDF file with proper fitting.

This the procedure:

  1. create a new Rendered view style
  2. change the backround, of the style, with an image.
  3. create a new layout page
  4. print the layout as PDF.

Attached some example. (I prefered to zip it)

V5SR5_bug_imgsfondo.zip(748.6 KB)

Note this: I tried 2 different computer.
With Acrobat the background it’s tiled 4x7 times (?!?!?)
With PDFCreator it’s tiled just twice.


No one has nothing to say?
Hello?!?!? Are someone in here?

We do something like that here by laying a pictureframe on the ground plane. Then in the layout view there will be a set of detail views with “pen” hidden line drawings, other pictureframes, and one detail that just shows the pictureframe on the ground behind everything. Much simpler and I found that the pictureframe will print to pdf much crisper than the same image in the background view(at least with Rhino4).

No really?!?!? Anyone at McNeel can answer me saying this is a bug and it’s in the track list and will be fixed very soon?!?!

So if I want to have a watermark background for my printing I cant use the background image of a viewport because it stretch in a strange way???

Come on, you can do better than this!


Hi Rccardo- I see the problem as well- thanks, sorry for the delay, I’ve been away from my desk a good deal…


Thanks Pascal,
sorry for pushing this thread in a rude way but I have a big company asking for this to be solved.
Please could you let me know when this will be solved? A reply to this post it’s ok.