Viewcapturetofile problems

Are you running Rhino on an external monitor?


So no external monitor attached to laptop?

No, just a laptop.

Maybe a long shot, but ensure in the Nvidia settings panel that your Nvidia GPU is always being used.

Was there a solution found for this issue? I have the exact same problem. I tried settings.original.

I just found out that the issue is initiated by working over remote dekstop. But it looks like it can’t be undone. Not even by completely uninstalling and re-installing Rhino.

Ah, RDP. RDP puts some custom driver in action. If you want to use Rhino over RDP you’ll have to start Rhino before connecting to the machine.

I would advise against using RDP - display issues is why I always use VNC.

Ok, thank you Nathan. But the problem persists now, even on the local PC without RDP, even after I remove and re-install Rhino. Obviously some setting needs to be reset somewhere. Can you help me out?

Are you doing a ViewCaptureToFile with just regular Rendered, Shaded or Wireframe modes?

Probably good to post the results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo.

I’m using it rendered. I got it working again by removing all the %AppData% before a fresh install.
Thanks for the feedback Nathan.

I suppose you don’t happen to have a backup of that old %APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros that you could zip up and share with us at ?

No sorry, but I could do the whole thing all over again if it’s important to you.

No need :slight_smile: But if you ever run into it again by chance maybe you remember to make a zip archive of it and share it with us.

Until then just enjoy using Rhino :slight_smile: