Viewcapturetofile NOT Working 10.22.2020

The viewcapturetofile command is not working. I have been using it all day and suddenly it stopped. I am able to type in the command in the dialogue box and when I press ok it presents the message “Image successfully saved as D:\Stuff\Kean University\G_Studio 9\Site Research and Development\Units\ch36.png”. But when I look in my save folder, no file is present. After opening a new File Explorer, I click on the most recent capture file and the image doesn’t show but instead it is blank with the text “This file was renamed or moved”. Please help!

Hello - please try saving to the desktop - does that work?


I tried saving to the desktop and other disk drives and nothing is saved.

Hi -

Could you describe this a bit more? You start Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where you saved the capture. What do you then click on? Where doesn’t the image show? Where do you read that text?

Judging by that description only so far, it sounds like something on your machine is overwriting files…