View Scaling - what does it do and does it actually work?


I’m playing around with this in my custom display properties. So far it appears to be a “dummy” setting with no effect. Is there something I’m missing?

Hi Keith - it will distort the view, when using that display mode, according to the ratio - so in this case, the disply would be compressed laterally.
This is a circle:

It is handy when viewing, for example, long rows of control points - the out of line ones are exaggerated.


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It can be useful for fairing curves as well.


Does it work in every view style?

Edit: I just switched files. It works in my new file but not the original file where I created the style (a duplicated of arctic with an increased vertical scale). So far it works in 1 out of 3 files I’ve tested.

It handles a little weird, but its working on all ortho-views for me…- Perspective view doesn´t seem to work…
And the reason why it exists… I guess, … well in Alias and Icem Surf there are interactive tools that do the same from within the viewport- and you can squeeze a model in one axis- which amplifies surface errors and makes it easier to see wobbely Lines or unorganised Controlpoints…

Btw- VSR Tools-Plugin made this into a real Tool for Rhino…
(606) VSR Shape Analysis 1.0 Demonstration of Deviation Analysis with Scale View - YouTube

Hello- you can try this thing - it adds a special display mode copied from one of your existing ones and sets the squeeze according to a rectangle you draw on screen. (3.0 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


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Wow! Thanks- I will try it :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s why it is useful for fairing as ship hulls can have gradual change longitudinally while they change quite a bit in the transverse direction. It’s the equivalent of resting your head on the drafting table and looking down the lines plan in one direction (or just to take a nap.)


Hey Pascal- This is really Cool! I love it :slight_smile:
and great advice to put the script into a Button!!! You made my day :slight_smile:
Thanks f

or sharing


Hello Pascal-

is there a way that I can run a grasshooperplayer File just the way you showed me with the Pythonscript, from within a button, with the full Path, so no browsing for the File is necessary?
That would be soooo useful!

_-RunPythonScript “Full path to py file inside double-quotes”

Hi -


-GrasshopperPlayer "Path\"


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Thanks again for this great tipp!

-Is there a List or resource of all these different commandline commands that I am not aware of?
What is the best way to explore?

It works this way. This tool should not be buried in the “options” section. I just don’t understand WHY…


exactly! thanks to pascals srcipt it “almost” easy to use… but without that scdripts its just really hidden so deeply and uncomfortable to use… thats is really sad!

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Check out this buried, but great potential option. There’re many… :sweat_smile:

The software can easily add XYZ tiny gumballs on top, similar to those described in previous VSR discussions. I’m sure you know what I’m talkin about…

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OMG! Its all There- (i was wondering why you can´t “side” (and nuv) CVs in Rhino!! Its just unusable in the Options window!.. So sad! These Options need to be easy to access from the viewport, like the snapping is… and hotkeyable…!
Thanks for the tipp!

@ McNeel: PLEASE Put those into the Viewport- UserInterface… Like next to the snappings.
you need to be able to switch between them quickly for decent working on Controlpoints!
This would be an easy and quick fix- but still help soooo much for proper modelling!

and please think about a comfortable way of In Viewport/Canvas interaction… maybe some sliding arrows or something similar- (even Blender has a quite useful vertex slide)
(the arrowkeys on the keyboard are just a bad Interface)

@pascal @wim

I assume the VSR users and others are complaining. Rhinoceros 3D offers these capabilities. Could “we” be more imaginative? It has to do with all of those VSR-compliant features. What exactly is technical support? Why not remark on them or add them to the list if there are many such hidden features that can shine? Why not have technical help write a thread and poll users’ opinions? What does the tech support position entail precisely? What are McNeel’s big and minor developments?

Think about it. Those features (along with many others which I won’t talk about here) are already embedded in Rhinocerso 3D. How many scripting lines do developers need for this “little” but “huge” tool for everyone?

My worry is that it must also interact with the Gumball. At some point, a redesign of Gumball will be required. That is the moment that shows Rhinoceros 3D’s record of achievement in terms of modeling workflow.

Hello- here are some example macros you can use to ser these via button or aliases

! _-Options _ModelingAids _Nudge _Direction UVN _EnterEnd

! _-Options _ModelingAids _Nudge _Direction CPlane _EnterEnd

! _-Options _ModelingAids _Nudge _Step=.5 _EnterEnd


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“add muti new layers” capability is doable in V8 by utilizing aliases. Why add it then?|_____1