View scaling for Hejduk effect perspective

I am trying to replicate a style of distorted perspective directly using custom view properties (view scaling):

I have succeeded in achieving the style in the viewport but I don’t seem to be able to export in any meaningful way. In rhino layouts and in the pdf preview it appears correctly deformed:

But after trying various formats (png, pdf etc) and print drivers I can’t get the image I expect:

Wondering if anyone had used this view property and succeded in exporting the distorted image? Thanks!

Here is the file:
view scaling egyptian, hejduk perspective.3dm (76.3 KB)

This is the drawing style I am trying to achieve: Hejduk


Hello- it looks like Print does not get this scaling. ViewCaptureToFile/Clipboard does get it.

RH-82401 Print: ignores view scaling


That works! And thanks for reporting the issue, it would be useful to be able to get a better quality pdf export in the future!