View in parallel projection


i have a question to the view in rhino 8.
I always work in “Parallel” Projection instead of “Perspective”. If i change the Cplane from for example “Top” to “Front” the wholw view is then normal to the Cplane. This wasn’t the case in Rhino 7 and it just happens in the “Parallel” Projection not if i have the “Persepective” Projection activated.
The awaited reaction is that if i activate the Right CPlane that the cplane change but not the view.
Also sometimes it happens that the Option “Always Pan parallel view” activates itself.

Is there a setting i can’t found or is this action planed the way it is?

Thanks in Advance


are you aware of the difference between:

Viewport (more or less a virtual monitor)
View (the resulting image of a camera)
C-Planes (construction Plane)
“plan parallel views” (the c-plane is connected with the view, pan parallel views is active)

there are a few commands that can help you handle / individualise, break, or mess up the default settings / viewports:


unlock: Right Mouse button (RMB) with ctrl+shift to unlock a plan parallel view.
(this might switch projection from parallel to perspective)

lock RMB start rotating the camera, add ctrl+shift to look to the next plan parallel view
(this might switch projection from perspective to parallel)

are you working with multiple viewports ? (recommended !)
(you can work with multiple viewports, but only have one visible at the time, just use the tabs below the main window to switch)

after starting with a build in template - what s the minimum workflow you re using to mess up your view settings, what did you expect? (so we might suggests an alternative)

kind regards -tom