Rhino 8 - Can't Orbit Parallel View


Right-Click to Orbit does not work and pans instead.

Hello- ctrl-shift RMB in plan views to break out of plan. There is also a setting in Options > View that controls whether parallel (not necessarily plan) views are always panned.



Has this behavior been changed recently? I don’t remember this being this way. I could always orbit Parallel views around with Right-Click just as a normal Perspective view, only difference was the projection.

This works. Thanks! :+1:

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About this, 8 is behaving the same as 7.

Note that, IF your CPlane is aligned to the camera, and the projection is parallel, it will switch to panning instead of orbiting.
You can test, any parallel viewport, you can CTRL+SHIFT+RMB to go orbiting, then it will always orbit… but if you set CPlane to view:
2024-01-18 20_29_28-
it will toggle to pan only mode.