View Extents - How to set?

Hey guys,

I have seen latest view nodes on daily build. They work like a charm. But I have a question about View Extents node. Crop Extents output returns a domain. If Crop Extents means the crop region, I would rather have it as a curve or at least a curve alternative. Because Crop Region is not always rectangular.


We need a ‘View Crop Region’ node for this.

Is on the list. :pray:

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Hi, any news about this feature? It would be handy at my current job.

No Crop View Region yet.

Are you looking to Get/Set the Crop View Region? What does the workflow look like? Thanks.

release notes

I’m looking for the non-rectangular cropping method where the crop region is based on the input curve.

Here’s a quick Set View Crop Region to get you by. (5.9 KB)


Nice! Thank you Japhy. It will do it.

Sorry for bothering you… but can we get also the exact opposite of that Python component?
I got a bunch of flats with crop regions set manually in Revit and I need to receive boundary curves.

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Hi @barden00,

This was added in v1.12 and v1.13.