View Cube in Rhino

Is there any added ViewCube for Rhino !?

If the answer is no, I suggest add it in the future.



Hello - there is no tool like this in Rhino, no.


Can you add it to wish list? It’s useful.

Rhino has MaxViewport for this and its far more sufficient in my opinion.

if you need something similar you can keep a floating window with Set View in your viewport with some fancy cars inside which have the same function as your cube, you can of course also replace the cars with your own word images if you want and even use the same cube images.


It’s a legitimate wish nonetheless, even if it’s not likely to be implemented too soon if at all.

Note that the viewport tabs also provide this functionality and you could also add the other 3 ortho view tabs (Bottom, Back, Left) to your default template if you like to have all of them available all the time.

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