Bongo splits rendered animation

I have a 25min long animation to render. Speed is not important, so I render it at 1fps. The end format is AVI using the best compression available.
Has anyone encountered Bongo splitting the animation? When the rendering is complete, I get 2 videos, one up to 21.5 minutes and the rest 3.5 minutes in another video. I cannot tell if there is anything happening with ti.

Your AVI files are probably very large? As in the first part of the animation.

Thanks for replying!
The first file is a bit over 2 GB. Is that too large?
If that is the case, I should compress it more? Is there a size limit for output?

AVI files indeed will get split up, due to upper-limit constraint in file size. Adding compression would be good.

Thank you , that is useful to know!

As a general rule, I never render to a video. Why? It’s (usually) compressed and has the size limitations that you encountered.

I use the practice of rendering to a sequence of stills, so there is no limitation. You import the entire sequence into any video editor and its treated just like a video clip. I use After Affects. There are several advantages:

  • if there is a crash, you can re-start the animation at the very next frame and continue.
  • quality is higher as the video clip is only compressed one time, at final output
  • you can insert pauses anywhere, like at the beginning and end
  • you can also add text or audio … and have total control over the final output file type, size, and quality

More info here, from the lynda course Animation with Rhino and Bongo.

If you’re not a member of lynda, here is a link for 10-days free.

Indeed, it is much smarter to render to image sequences. Especially so if you want to do intricate video edits that you need to tweak bit by bit.

It is the final product that you’d render to some video format.

I do all my video editing in Blender. (edit: not true actually, when screencasting I generally stay within Camtasia, but there I don’t do much editing :wink: )