Video card for rhino 7

I need to buy a pc that i would also use for rhino 7 it is a used pc. The supplier asks me to check if the following video card is compatible with rhino 7…" QUADRO K2000 2GB DDRIII" . Can someone help me? thanks, Mirco

I mean it’ll probably work, but the official recommendation is for at least 4GB on the card, and the “low end” Quadros like that are a terrible value, just get the best GeForce you can afford.

Hello Ocrim66,

I am running Rhino 7 with an NVIDIA Quadro P4000 (Memory: 8GB) and and am planning to have allot more Video memory with the latest technologies on my next machine. I also have 64 GB of RAM and feel like I would increase the amount of RAM as well.

So what I am suggesting is that even though this is a “nice” but aging machine I anticipate needing a significantly more robust machine in about a year.Thus, I am starting the arduous-to me- process of technology advancement tracking so that I can configure a new machine in an informed way.

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i have 32gb ram and i have never run out of it. what process you do needs so much ram?

Hello Juan,

For operations in Rhino they are complex Boolean commands. The files are not that big - relative to the file size I see some people on the form work with- I think it is just the amount of data that needs to be in RAM to do the operation (just a guess because I am by no means at all very technically knowledgeable). I sometimes have several programs / files open at once etc. Although you did not ask, for video memory it is Ray tracing mode. I can max out my cuda core use / V memory pretty easily and as one would predict, the ability to move objects around slows. Turning on and off layers slows to.

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I guess you don’t have 15 Chrome tabs also open while working?

Funny- And yes while a file is being processed or not I might have a browser or two open with many total open tabs. But not when I suspect allot of RAM will be used.

22 here… >8^/

I do not follow. But that’s ok.

Well Chrome is a notorious memory hog.

If you’re doing GPU rendering you need a lot of RAM on the GPU to hold the whole scene on it, PLUS you need that much again in system RAM(I think it requires ‘virtual memory’ specifically) just for managing that scene on the GPU, to be able to swap it out as needed, or to represent access to it, or something…you needs lots of RAM bottom line.

I am not using Chrome but do tend to keep lots of tabs open. They are to a good extent a “virtual” stack of material that I “plan” to read.

Thank you for the explanation about how the types of memory work. I appreciate it. This tread probably needs to be moved over to Rendering. But I do not know anything about how that works.

I’m using a Quadro K2000D with Rhino 7 also with 2Gb Ram. It does for me although I admit I’m not a power user. I’d say get started with this used PC setup and see how it goes, you can always move onwards and upwards and wherever later.

No, do not buy a card that is under our min spec. You are asking for headache and downtime fighting your hardware.

get a geforce or quadro RTX with 4gb vram per monitor you want to run and as many cuda cores as you can afford.

if you have to choose, go with a less powerful (cheaper) Cpu, and a more powerful (more$$) Gpu.

Most of the current i7 and i9 processors (and ryzen) are more than capable to run rhino, but the benefits of a big video card will continue to pay dividends into the future as the rendering and display stuff continues to develop and improve.