RAM and Graphics Card - What do yo recommend?

Hey gusy,

What do you guys recommend for modelling and rendering with Rhino 7: A vs. B

A) Higher RAM memory (i.e.: 32 GB) and Integrated Graphics card (e.g.: Intel HD Integrated 530)


B) Lower RAM memory (i.e.: 8 GB) and a dedicated Graphic Card (e.g.: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730)

I Appreciate greatly your opinions.


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Umm, have you got a 3rd option? In this day and age less than 16GB RAM can work, but…why bother? Those video options are SIX and SEVEN years old, and low-end-when-new, so they’re what you would call hopeless.

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Dear John,
Would it be too much to ask you to comment on the suitability of this pc for running Rhino 7.
I am especially curious of its graphics capabilities.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M710q Tiny (Core i5-6500T 2.5GHz, 32GB DDR4, 512GB SSD, WiFi,Windows 10 Pro 64) (Renewed) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PN48R4Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_ADE8T2H41MT56FE9YVRP

Thank you.


Those ‘mini’ computers aren’t meant for any sort of serious CAD work, they’re for basic “office” tasks, the only reason it has any use for 32GB of RAM is how much Chrome consumes. A more normal-sized used computer in the same price range would be much, much better. Its CPU dates back to 2015!?!?

If you’re concerned about graphics performance on a budget, then you need an actual graphics card, full stop! The newest and best Nvidia you can afford. Get a GeForce, don’t bother with Quadro unless you’re getting the top-of-the-line. THAT’S what you need to look for, not a cutesy form factor.


If you’re in need of a lower-cost solution, check out the Nvidia Quadro P400. It does pretty well with 16GB and a lower cost i5 or i7 CPU. Of course there’s better, but that’s a good solution to make Rhino work pretty well on a tight budget.

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See @JimCarruthers response.