Very minor kink in curve would not go

Hello, rhino people. Greetings!

So, i am making this leg for a chair. dv

But even after doing ever minor adjustment with the control points and trying to rebuild the curve with more points(it changes the shape of the curve) there remain two minor kinks which when sweeped show up


At this point i do not know how to get rid of this kink. Any help would be very appreciated.

Here is the model, if anyone wants to take a look leg.3dm (242.2 KB)


Hi Ankit - probably the easiest way out here is to replace that transition curve (white in my image) which appears to be a deformed arc, with a BlendCrv, (red here) either tangent or curvature continuous:

See the level 2 training material here for some hints on how to establish and determine tangency and curvature continuity.


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after much trying i can not figure out how to do this. Is there any other way it can be done?

I am betting Pascal’s method is right on.
Where are you having the difficulty? —Mark

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hey, so i made the surface clean.

But i had to make the top line straight instead of curved.
Thanks for the help guys

i couldn’t follow how to replace the transition curve with blendcrv. But i am now happy with my new result. Thanks

Hi Ankit - you can do this with the tip curved, it should not make any difference - why didn’t BlendCrv work? You can also adjust the control points on the curve you posted to get exact tangency but it is a little messier with the specific curves you have.


Hi, Pascal

So i was able to make a clean surface with the tip curved just by playing with deleting 2 control points. Looks pretty good to me

Never give up i guess

Thanks guys :grinning: