GH Mac parameter label editing unusable

A constant workflow element for me on GH Windows:

  • right-click on parameter name
  • Tab-key to focus keyboard on label text
  • normal editing including copy/paste functions

Trying this on GH Mac:

  • right-click on parameter name

and that’s it.
Tab key does nothing.
Normal text editing cursor appears but cut/copy/paste commands do nothing.

A text field that doesn’t respond to these basic editing functions is not good.

Are any other GH Mac user able to copy/paste into a label text field?

Did not know that this shortcut even existed (on Windows). I just always clicked into the textfield.
Not working on my Mac as well. I guess @dan or @curtisw can help here.

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Can we get this logged as a bug?

GH Mac Bugs:

Tab Key keyboard focus to parameter text fields missing.

Copy/Paste functions in text fields missing.

Can we get a youtrack ticket for this please?

A related problem for name editing: Undo/Redo works when editing names on GH Windows.

We need this on GH Mac as well.

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Not sure what else to do.


Hey @LeoPedersen,

Sorry for the late response. I’ve logged RH-78627 to look into getting the tab key working the same way.

As for copy/paste shortcuts, that is already logged as RH-58811.

Thanks for taking the time to report the issues!


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Thanks very much Curtis. :+1:

Thanks to the Grasshopper developers for getting the copy name on Alt+wire drag function working on Mac in Rhino 8.3.

Hoping the basic Tab and Cut/Copy/Paste functions will be fixed in GH Mac soon!

Bumping to call attention to these GH Mac label editing shortcomings.

It’s a shocking UI experience to encounter a text box that does not respond to cut/copy/paste or undo/redo or Tab key focus shifting.

My 1984 Mac had these functions.

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Bump :wave:

Bumping again.
I’d really like to be able to use Grasshopper on my Mac, but the label editing is integral to my workflow and the management of complex definitions.

Please implement these very very basic text editing functions on GH-Mac the way they already work on GH-Windows.

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Thanks very much @curtisw for opening this in the YouTrack. :smiley:

I’ve just tested again and found that keyboard focus is never focused on any of the text fields in GHmac. When I try to cut text from a component text field it cuts the component itself!

Still hoping for a fix on this. It’s absolutely crucial to my workflow in Grasshopper.