Very basic question

Hi! I’m working with very basics tasks and I’m struggling with creating a group of two points arround a circle. What I want to create is this L shape, so I know I need to take 2 points from the the big circle and one from the small one which I already could manage to do, and then group them to create a polyline.

But creating groups by their lenght doesn’t work because for example, the distance from point 14 to 13 or 15 is the same, so I don’t know how to sort this criteria.

Thank you if you could help me <3

You need to separate the lists to make a new list of points you are trying to connect.
this may help.

Also, next time, try uploading your file( the part that is
related to the question) to make it easier for everyone to answer.

Another approach would be, to only “generate” the points that are needed - less juggling with the data, use
one inner circle
first outer circle
2nd outer circle, rotated “half step”.

divide all circles by the number of “L”-shaped Polylines. (12.5 KB)

and yes as @N_I_C_K already mentioned - maybe use a better title and post a .gh file… see all tipps here:

Here’s another way. (11.8 KB)

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My 2 cents

at first this seamed to be a beginner-question I didn’t wanted to post the solution below.
The motivation of my first solution was to use as little data(tree)-juggling as possible

…as this topic becomes a nice collection of different approaches, here s another one - using sine and cosine to calculate the points - same expression used 3 times (therefore in a cluster) - not a beginner’s approach… (10.3 KB)

Hi Tom
Where can I learn the syntax used here, (i+offset) etc…
Is there a link to have a good start with?


supported functions can be found on the info that will pop up clicking in the upper right on the
(Expression Function List)

for geometry background check


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Although I have the feeling that I am missing something here…

Cheers :slight_smile: