Creating specific lines through group of points

I have this group of points :

and I would like to draw lines linking them in this way :

Can anyone help me do that ?
The file is linked (123.6 KB)

You just need to put a line through those points. (130.5 KB)

Thank you so much ! I was thinking the software wouldnt know what points to link. I don’t know if I’m clear, but I dont understand what makes the polyline go neatly through each row and not linking all the points in a messy way. Is there anyway (in case it doesn’t work in a future project) to use a component that would seperate my group of points in seperate rows of points ?

Thanks !

The points for each polyline are grouped as lists in each branch, as are the lines from which the end points are derived. The branches come from the SDivide component.

Understanding data trees is CRITICAL for success with Grasshopper!

Got it. Thank you.

By the way, you could have got the same polylines on the curved surface directly from the SDivide points:

And you could then project those lines onto the flat surface.

Instead of PLine (Polyline) you could use CrvSrf (Curve On Surface): (125.6 KB)

The error on the red component (“1. Insufficient points for a curve”) is due to the null points in the first and last branches from SDivide.