2D grid of circles

Hi guys,

I just got introduced to grasshopper and we have been given this assignment. I have went over it to no avail and I am seeking help on here. Can anyone please help me? Thank you!

What have you tried so far?
being a teacher myself, I should not send you a solution, but I’ll give some hints:

Roughly what you need to do is:

  • make a grid
  • create 2 or more individual points
  • measure their distance to the point grid
  • sort the distances
  • sort the points based on the found distances
  • split the result in half
  • and some more

How do you split the result in half?

Count with a list length, sort by distance (you will see you can sort distances and whatever data in the same time), split list with length/2.

Hi, @Andre_Jimenez,

Maybe these two tutorials can help you out.
If you prefer, you can also find the learning slides on the website.