Verticraft EJ420

Over the last twenty years, since 1996, when I first started the study for the design of electric propulsion aircraft, I was oriented to a kind of parallel pathway in which two main propulsion formulas were the basis of such projects. They were and still are basically two, a twin-rotor and a quad-rotor aircraft typology.
The EJ420 body is entirely made of aluminum and carbon frame with thermoplastic panels mounted on it, there are no rivets or screws of any kind, it is a monocoque structure assembled in one body. The cabin is large and contains four comfortable seats.
I designed a variable-sweep wing system that contains the two rotors, capable to move either forward or backward the rotor system within a maximum range of 15° to compensate for any displacement of the longitudinal Center of Gravity, which will always be set in the right position.
The Stability Control System works on algorithm computation moving the rotor system according to with the CG position at any time.
Electro-rotors aircraft are equipped with electric motors, installed in a pair on each rotor. These are super-flat induction motors digitally controlled, capable of operating in any condition, and cooled by air. Both the motors and the blades are easily replaceable in just a few minutes. A safety device keeps the rotors always locked when the machine is on the ground, or as soon as the doors are unlocked. In fact, it is not possible to board or disembarking passengers unless the rotors are completely stopped.
The EJ420 can reach -theoretically speaking -the maximum speed of 210 knots. This occurs thanks to the forward tilting of both rotors forward for a maximum angle of 12° or backwards for a maximum angle of 9°, in case of rapid stop or backward flight. In forward flight the Control System acts also on the pitch moment of the tail through a dynamic stabilizer which is automatically controlled by the Dynamic Stabilization System, which assumes a negative angle according to the speed that the aircraft is reaching at any due instant along the flight path.
The EJ420 is equipped with a hovering and automatic pre-landing device, the pilot will only have to act on the small power joystick by moving it slightly backwards until the machine is lifted by itself by one meter from the ground, maintaining its position in space thanks to a GPS device. The EJ420 is able to keep its position hovering even with a transversal wind of 30 knots without any effort required by the pilot.
The EJ420 as well as all Verticraft designs, are provided of a Vortex Ring alarm which suggests the best maneuvering to adopt according to the circumstances at that moment in which this phenomenon occurs, furthermore it is also not possible to approach to a vertical speed above 300 feetper minute or forward less than 30 knots to avoid any situation which would cause Setting with Power to which even multi-rotors are unfortunately subject exactly as conventional helicopters.
The power system consists of two 240kW turbo-generators which supply the four electro-rotors and the main aircraft devices, a service group of batteries guarantees the required power to all vital functions in flight as well in case of failure of both turbo-generators. In addition, the EJ420 is capable to perform a continuous fly-time at 100% power with only one turbo-generator with the only pilot on board. The pilot can handle the power required along the flight or activating the power plan recommended by the Aircraft Managing System before take-off, which would be based on information relate to the instantaneous mass and the flight plan parameters, like speed, altitude, temperature etc in order to optimize fuel consumption.


Nice one! I like!

Thank you Jurgen, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

This thing has some very smooth & clean lines! Nice work.

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Thanks, Mr Jirobisho, I like to work on my projects reproducing every single detail since I’m a former helicopter pilot, therefore, I know perfectly all these aspects. I started 20 years ago using Rhyno in version 2.0 and 3D modelling gave to me a big opportunity to built even if virtually my ideas as they were real. My next step is to make animation but that is a very complex process that soon or later I have to face with. By the way Merry Christmas and happy brand new year. :slight_smile: