Helicopter swashplate simulation

I’ve improved the stability of rigid bodies for the next Kangaroo release and wanted to test it out on a more complex mechanical assembly.

The slider window is using Human UI
The model is by Tomica Vukovic, from here:


I hope to add more new functional cases to help learn new features,
Thank you for your contribution

it’s definitely time to make this a standard Rhino tools!

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Already is, If you have Rhino 6, launch Grasshopper.

no, I mean a plain Rhino tool.
In simpler word I should be able to do this directly from my rhino interface. (like Sw and similar)

Well why would you do that when you have the parametric power of Grasshopper available? Seems that would be going a bit backwards. Just my guess but that stuff will probably stay in Grasshopper.

It is actually still my aim to get this into Rhino, not just through GH.
Sorry this is taking longer than expected - I’ve been finding things like showing live updates from the solver while dragging trickier than when going through Grasshopper. Also making the interface in GH was easier.


right but if you have to teach this to students they will need to learn Rhino, then grasshopper basics (really hard) and, finally, IK.
Not all the people like to do scripting or needs the parametrics.
For product design is easier to choose solidworks instead of learning GH.
Sorry this is what I’m facing every day.
Common problem should be solved as Rhino tools, special needs have GH.