Vertical shading in window


Do you know why the vertical shading is doing this weird thing taking the wrong window surrface dimension?

I do the same for the window where i have horizontal shading and it works but for those windows it doesnt,


sorry for the mess, I have highlighted in red (in grasshipper) where my problem is and i think is more about window geometry but no clue idea what exactly
Inside the zip is the rhino model. let me know if you can open both files please
could you please help me?

thanks in advance (796.4 KB)
rhino (8.9 MB)

Hi Albert -

If your question isn’t related to the ClimateStudio plug-in, please post a new version that only handles about the problem that you are trying to solve. Internalize geometry where appropriate.

I’m afraid I didn’t see anything in red in that Grasshopper file.

how can i internalize geometry? sorry about it

i was working in it and it is something about the length taken into account


same rhino file from the zip previously attached. see above please

Hi Albert -

See point 3 in this post:


thanks for your advice.

i think i already internalize dat I hope you can help me now
internalize data (1.0 MB)

let me know it please

Hi Albert -

Somehow, this still has those 15 unknown objects that require 3rd party plug-ins.
Your definition of “red” must be different than mine, but that’s fine, I suppose.

You’re more likely to get help with this one if you provided a definition that only includes what is necessary to show what you need help with.