Vertical lines

Hi! I am trying to draw the lines for each vertical column of points, which actually are the vertices of different polylines. However, It gets all messed up when I try to use polyline and even flip matrix. What is the best way to organize the lists in order to achieve these vertical lines for every vertex column? Thank you!!!

vertical (9.6 KB)
vertical (310.3 KB)

Seems like connecting corner vertices of the floors which have the same area is not a difficult problem. BTW, How do you plan to connect between floor plans that have different number of corner vertices with vertical lines ?

vertical (24.3 KB)

Thank you! You always help me out!! I have no Idea how to do it, I am struggling right now with it! Do you have any suggestions?

How about this one?

vertical (29.6 KB)

vertical (8.6 KB)
… project + closest point + set member …
in different situation it would probably give wrong results though…

I don’t think that the polylines should connect all the way through. Is there any way to recreate the polylines from those lines end points? I tried it but the polyline goes all the way trhough to the last and it shoud actually remain a coplanar polyline.

vertical (31.8 KB)