Connecting points in column (or row) with polylines

I am trying to connect a set of points with polylines in vertical columns.
I’ve tried seeveral methods but cannot seem to organise the data properly.

This is the closest I can get, but I need a line per column (as highlighted).

Any help would be great! thanks. (17.5 KB)

Theater seats? And you want to find rows?

proximity2d can get you at this stage, don’t know if those gaps are ok or should be filled (20.8 KB) (22.6 KB)


Very nice! I would add the white group (below) to get the rows in order:

P.S. A smaller value (~1000) on the PGroups ‘D’ input will separate the four sections on the back row.

@Joseph_Oster yes, that’s right!

@inno it works like a charm! Thanks very much. (gaps are where strucutral elements are, so all good). Cheers!

@HS_Kim fantastic! many thanks. (it connects all points in each row with a single line). Brilliant.

excellent! many thanks for the prompt reply and halp @Joseph_Oster

this idea of using non-uniform scale made my brain explode :clap:
I would never have thought about that, not even in 10 years :clap: