Connecting Points Horizontally

Hello everyone!

I have some vertical lines and I need to divide the longer lines parametrically (in variable segments) and the points produced as a result should be connected horizontally with each other. One problem is that three of the lines do not appear even though they are present in the list (LIST ITEM NODE). Also, I am unable to connect the points in a horizontal line as shown in the figure (not very proud of my freestyle drawing skills).

Could anyone please provide me some direction? Thanks a lot!

Horizontal Lines

Horizontal (12.7 KB)

Horizontal (12.5 KB)

Because they are duplicated…

Thanks I saw your response now. I will try to cull their duplicity.

I’ve already answered.

I tried to include the other 3 lines but now the Flip matrix is not working. Could you please check? or if there is a another way to include other lines, please suggest. Thank you!!

Horizontal (16.2 KB)

Horizontal (12.1 KB)

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I saw your response now :slight_smile: I was late while replying. You do not have to consider this . Thanks very much :slight_smile:

I culled the duplicate curves and was able to use Flip Matrix correctly but the lines are now merging at one point. Could you please have a look at it at your convenience? Cheers!!

Horizontal (12.3 KB)

I urge you to work with ordered, direction unified decent input lines from the beginning…