Creating Vertical Lines from Endpoints of Horizontal Lines

I need help with creating vertical lines that originate from end points of existing horiztonal lines. It sounds super-simple (and hopefully is), but I’m at a loss as to how to accomplish it. It might be worth noting that some of the horizontal lines are constructed from points and others are created from linear arrays. I’ve created a simplified version of my 700+ component GH file to isolate the problem, although it’s still a little complex. If anyone can help, please take a look at the attached image and GH file.


Vertical (48.2 KB)

I didn’t feel like going through the whole definition and collecting all relevant lines, but here’s what you can do: get all those lines, their endpoints, create sets by their Y value & run a polyline through those sets (theres a warning because there’s sets with only one point which obviously isn’t working as a polyline).

Vertical (50.2 KB)

Solution for:

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As long as the curves are sorted correctly and their directions are all left-to-right, you should be able to use Connect Curves to create the ‘vertical’ segments.

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Yes, if result can be one connected curve then use of Connect Curves is more general solution.

Thanks Amir! This got me started, and then RadovanG and David Rutten got me all of the way there. Thanks again for taking the time.


Thanks David, I’m a little star-struck that you responded :slight_smile: Yes, the Connect Curves did work well in conjunction with RadovanG’s system. What an amazing community there is within this forum!
Look how perfectly beautiful everything’s working now:


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Thanks so much for helping me with this! I honestly don’t understand how it works, but it is working 100%. I had some trouble at first, but Grafting my curves (as you had done with your example) before plugging into your system fixed everything. And yes, I replaced the last portion with Connect Curves, which worked also well. Take a look at my reply to David to see some images of everything working beautifully. Thanks again!