Vertical cladding with random widths


I’m new to grasshopper and am trying to create a script to create vertical cladding patterns for a facade I’m working on. I have tried different approaches but not been able to create what I’m looking for so I’ll try here:

I want to have three different vertical timber elements arrayed along my facade.
Each panel has the same depth,12mm. Each panel has a height of 3000mm, and I want each panel to have a width of either 70mm, 100mm or 120mm, and have these placed along my facade in a random order with a distance between them of 10mm.
I want to being able to use random/seed input to generate different facade designs.

Is anyone able to help me achieve this? Or point me in a direction of a tutorial or similar?
Below is a photo of what I’m trying to create.

one way could be: (11.2 KB)

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random divide (15.4 KB)

Thank you! This was exactly what I needed. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t get the script to work with my original problem, as there was no set 1cm distance parameter and I needed 3D geometry not just lines, but thank you anyway! :slight_smile:

Hey, great script. I am trying to use it to change it to extrude it along curve, any tips?

With extrude along curve you mean :
A.position those rectangles along a curve as path
B.extrude segmented curve along z direction
If you aim for A then you could use orient component to reorient each rectangle along curve as a path also you would care about proper gap else those plank could conflict in curve corners.
If you wanna do the B then seems better to draw rectangles along curve first then extrude.