Random openings on a facade

Hi there,

I am pretty new to Grasshopper and I haven’t found any tutorial for this yet :confused:

I am making a 3D model of a building for an architecture project. I would like to create random rectangular openings on the cladding of a facade, but this should be done according to a given surface.

Explanation : the facade is 58 m2 and I need a total of 11 m2 of opening. I need these 11m2 to be divided in small openings randomly distributed on the facade, and I’d like my openings to have a sort of long and thin rectangular shape that could also be slightly different from one opening to the other. So there would be 2 random things ; the position of the holes on the facade AND the dimensions of these holes.

Question 1 : is there a way to do such a thing in Grasshopper ? (I’m sure there is :slight_smile: )
Question 2 : If the answer to Q1 is yes, is there a way in Grasshopper to directly puncture the cladding according to the randomly generated shapes or do I need to do this in Rhino afterward ?

The closest tutorial I found is this one https://horstsondermann.com/rhino-grasshopper-random-geometry-distribution/

I hope you’ll understand me, since English isn’t my native language

Thank you very much for your help !

Hi @Adjeu,

Here a simple example.

randomfacade.gh (10.2 KB)

Hello @ebe

Thank you very much for the reply

I’ll try to mess around with it ! Although “simple” example doesn’t quite fit since my skills on grasshopper are really low so I’ll spend some time to try and understand the whole thing. But it’s a great way to learn !

Thank you

You can go trough the script step by step and preview every step.

I’m getting more and more comfortable with the script and it feels great to learn that way thank you very much !

I still don’t understand the meaning of these three components. Could you explain their purpose please ?

Hi @Adjeu,

Good to hear you are getting familiar to the script.
To generate rectangles which are not on the X,Y plane you need to input a plane.

With the first node I can analyse the normal of the facade on the place where the window is situated.
With this normal I can generate a plane for each window and get the rectangle orientated in the correct direction. If you would have more wall parts with different directions, the script still works.