Brick pattern with random widths in paneling tools for grasshopper?

i want a tile pattern like brick with different widths. something like the picture.
is it possible to achieve this kind of result with paneling tools? (83.7 KB)

Hi @kavehdadgar,

I remember seing a post not long ago about similar problem in the Grasshopper section. Try using the search.

@kavehdadgar In short, yes, it is possible, but we need more details.

Do you need this for visual effect, or you’d like to produce brick geometry (2D or 3D)? Are you populating on flat surfaces, or curved, and do individual bricks curve smoothly or stay flat?

Also, do you have a criteria for your pattern?
For example, heights of the bricks are always fixed? do bricks sizes range between some limits, and do you care about the percentage of shorter to longer bricks, or their vertical alignment, etc?
Also, if you are making a parametric model in GH, what pattern parameters would you like to control?

Hi @rajaa
sorry for late reply. i managed to do the trick, but it was really confusing in paneling tools for me. at page 79-80 “paneling tools 4 grasshopper primer” there is a brief explanation on how create pattern with indexes. but the problem is that they are hard and confusing to understand. i hope for an in depth guide on how these patterns work.