Vertical Alignment to Grid

Hi everyone, I would like to ask how do I align a grid to vertical posts? As soon as my plane is distorted, the lines become diagonal as shown in the picture.

I wanted to maintain a vertical position of all the posts. (9.2 KB)
query.3dm (523.0 KB)


Check this but I’m not sure this is what you need.


Thank you BVR, I’m trying to align the vertical lines to the lunchbox grid nodes. It doesn’t seem to work if the upper surface is curved.

@bvr is correct. Send the curves up to intersect the upper surface.

Then if you want to construct a grid thru those point on the curved surface, construct a grid from the intersection points. I used Paneling tools to construct the grid from the intersection points:

Trying to get a planar surface and a curve surface to match vertically thru UV coordinates can be a bit tricky. Normalizing UV helps, but UVs are not always predictable across curved surfaces. (32.9 KB)

Thank you, Scott! Panelling tools is a plugin of rhino?


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