Fillet Surface



I am having some trouble with the FilletSrf command, I used it yesterday and everything was working fine, and I have been using the exact same steps as I did yesterday however it says failed to create fillets. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Kenia- are the surfaces close enough to one another to fit the fillet radius you ask for? Keep in mind also that FilletSrf pays attention to the pick location when you tell it which surfaces to fillet- so try to pick approximately where the edge of the fillet will end up. Feel free to post your surfaces and the fillet radius, I’ll take a look.


That’s what it was, my radius is supposed to be 0.0625, but it was set to 0.625. Thank you.



I do have another question. Here I have an object that I extruded the surface and used FilletSrf. Now I am trying to connect all of the fillet surfaces together, and all of them have connected with match surface expect for the are with the red ellipse. How can I fix this area as it seems to be folded over on one side? Thank you. Pebble.3dm (158.1 KB)


(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Kenia - I’d redraw the pebble shape as a clean single curvature continuous curve - the surfaces making up the basic shape are not very cleanly connected, especially the location you called out If you want a really smooth organic shape, there are better approaches, I’ll find or make an example file for you in a bit.

@kquintos13, here is a cleaned up version of your file - the surface is a loft between two curves that have identical simple, smooth structure - see how clean that fillet is? I also updated the file with a loose loft version that is more ‘organic’ , if that is what you are after. Again, curves are all the same, only edited for shape. I’ll attach another similar file that I made some time ago for a similar case.
Pebble_PG.3dm (234.2 KB)
Pebbly.3dm (88.9 KB)