Fillet Edge odd result


I am struggling with the command Fillet Edge. Because the three edges converge in this way, it has produced undesirable results such as an unwanted opening in the polysurface and an extruded surface from the edge. I have highlighted the 3 edges I wanted to fillet in red in the 3d file.

How should I go about this? I need the radius to be 1/8".

Uploading: design_01.3dm…
I learn alot from these forum thank you so much for taking the time to answer my post!

it breakes because of this edges:

if you can, get rid of them . if the surfaces are planar you can use MergeAllcoplanarFaces

Thank you for your response!

I tried typing in the command Mergeallcoplanarfaces but nothing came up in rhino. This must be an external plugin or something Rhino 7 has? I currently work with Rhino 6, where and how might I obtain this command? Or is there another way to go about this?

Thank you

in Rhino6 is just MergeAllFaces