SubD issue while adding edge loop onto radiate symmetry. Rhino 8.9

This is what happens when I try to add an Edge Loop onto the instance copy of а radiate symmetry.
It was not like that in Rhino 7. Is it a new feature?

PS: It only happens on radiate symmetry.

can you post a file with steps to repeat so we can try and figure out what’s going on?

It is easy to recreate. I found that this problem appeared back in Rhino 8.
In Rhino 7 it is Ok.

Here is the video.

You can take any subd object, add Radiate symmetry and try to InsertEdge of any kind.
Also InsertPoint doesn’t work properly in this case.
SubD_Issue.3dm (250.7 KB)

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Yep, I’m seeing a mess here… there was a symmetry bug fixed recently, it looks like it shattered radiate badly…

RH-82094 Subd radiate is broken badly