Version 5A745 doesn't save files as .stl

Just uploaded version 5A745 and I can’t save my files as .stl anymore. The message says Error saving …
I’m trying version 5A751, but hope my files aren’t corrupt!

edit: Version 5A751 does save the files! Woohooo!

5A745 did too but because of an uninitialized tool, you had to make a mesh first yourself, then export the mesh.

This “make the mesh first” is a better practice anyway since you can inspect and fix it if need be before exporting to STL or other mesh format.

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Thanks for the tip! It’s probably something I won’t be doing, though, so I’m glad it still works the old way. Toying with Mesh is far beyond my skills, and I usually export as .stl and have the objects checked for printing and repaired in NF.
Any chance you know why the object properties window changed too? It sucks!

Most of the time, Rhino makes good, closed meshes from good, closed polysurfaces, but not always. Sending out a bad mesh to a printing service is expensive and time consuming, That’s why it’s better practice to check the mesh first so you know.

If you’re doing your mesh analysis and checking in-house it’s not nearly as big of an issue.

You don’t need to do anything more than put the settings at the same as what you would use for .stl export in the Mesh command. That way you’ll see more or less what the export will look like before it goes out. When you actually export .stl however, any mesh quads will be triangulated.

Another good check is to re-import the exported .stl.

Here is some info for honing your meshing skills…