Vector Printing Bug With Dimensions

Latest Rhino-Beta changes formatting text and dimensions when printing vectors instead of raster.

I’ve been working on vector output of text quite a bit lately. Are you reporting a bug?

Hallo Steve Baer,

it seems to be a bug.
I enclose 2 pictures showing the same drawing, once printed
with raster- and once with vector-printing.

Can you share a model that shows this bug?

Hi Steve Baer,

enclosed you find a file changed today with latest Rhino-Beta.
In the preview-window one can already see the difference between
raster or vector printing.

wsp-duschsitz_kp.3dm (2.78 MB)

Thanks; I’m having a hard time repeating this bug. What is the font that you are using for your dimension style? @lowell and @Alain the font for the default dimension style in the above 3dm file doesn’t show up when I go to look at the default dimension style. I’m assuming this is because the font is not installed on my computer.

@Steve - @Kelvin is also having some trouble with not-installed fonts. There’s supposed to be substitution to a default font, but it seems to be having some problems lately. I’m looking at some of that for another bug report

Hi Steve Baer,

the font used in my drawings is always: ARIAL
Maybe I didn’t exactly care to define it, when I started this
drawing, as I mostly take the last drawing to start a new one.
I opened some old drawings in Rhino-Beta and they all show
the same difference between Vector and Raster.

Hi everybody
I would like to confirm, I’ve been having the same issue for the past 2 weeks or so. Started with the last WIP and continued with Beta.
Tried a few things, checked to see the fonts where installed (Win 10). It is Arial though, nothing special.
It’s a dimension style I’ve been using for years.
Weird enough, when I go into Edit Style, the text font tab is empty. If I try to select Arial, the font is missing as if somehow Rhino isn’t able to see it.

Was this a dimstyle carried over from V5, then?
Can you post a simple model with that dimstyle?
If it was from V5, a v5 file would be best in case there’s a problem with converting something.

Hi Lowell, thank you for looking into this
It was indeed carried from V5. But I’ve used it for almost a year with no problems with all the previous versions of WIP up until 2 or 3 weeks ago. Here are aV5, V6Beta files and a PDF showing the vector print result.
Hope it helpsrhino6 vector print bug.pdf (6.0 KB)
Sorry, I got a message saying rhino files are not accepted. Not sure how to upload themrhino5 vector print bug.3dm (32.7 KB)
rhino6 vector print bug.3dm (36.2 KB)

Thanks for sending the files.
Are you saying that the pdf you posted above was printed from the current (Nov 7) beta?
Here, I can open the V5 or V6 3dm files you sent in V6 and get the text all printed in the right places.
I see a slight difference in the output between Raster and Vector - See the attached screen shots - but they are essentially the same.
These are both printed from the V5 file you sent opened in the current V6 beta:
PrintRaster and PrintVector
There were some fixes to text position in vector printing just prior to that version.

Yes, the print comes off the latest Beta, so weird.
All drivers are current…
I suspected Adobe so I reinstalled Acrobat and I also checked to see if the fonts are all there and they are.
The one weird thing, and maybe you can confirm on your side, if you select the dimension style and you go in edit mode, it doesn’t show any font, the space is empty. Here is a screen grab.
It also seem to affect only the stacked part of the vertical dimensions.

There are 2 separate things here - One is the text shifted down (sideways) on vertical dimensions and one is the font not showing. I don’t think those are related.
The position shift was fixed a week ago and I was sure it got in the beta for last week. I’ll verify that and let you know.

I haven’t started on the font not showing part. That’s next.

The font in that dimstyle is Arial Narrow. You also have a style with Arial Black in that file.
We do make a substitution to Arial, but the name isn’t handled by the control because it’s not a font on your computer (mine either). It also displays blank in V5 when the font is missing.
If you click on the blank font name dropdown in the dimesnion properties dialog and press ESC without selecting any font, you’ll crash.
It’s something for us to work on, I’ll see what we can do.
Thanks for the report

Sorry for confusion about that. I now see that the fix I was so sure about missed the last beta by a few hours. That part should be good this week

great to hear it and thank you again.
haven’t been posted much but followed closely this whole process and your approach is unusual (in a good way) and brave.
It is certainly hard work and I hope a lot of people realize and appreciate the effort. I sure do.

That’s nice to hear. Thank you

Everything works good now. Thank you

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