Vector Output of Pen Display Mode

I need to produce some drawings for an instruction book, preferably in vector format. In the past I’ve used the Make2D Command, but its a bit long winded and the results aren’t always perfect.

I thought I’d give the print vector command a go, and try export to Illustrator. Both work but they give me a wire frame of the model, not the hidden line view I was aiming for (just like the Pen display mode). Am I overlooking something really simple because I can’t find a way to get a vector hidden line out of Rhino - other than using Make2D.

Thanks for any suggestions.

The pen mode is only for visualization or raster output. If you need vector you have Make2D only.

Thanks Diego for confirming what I suspected. I have seen images that appear to be vector hidden line and hoped I’d overlooked something but perhaps they aren’t what they appear. Maybe that functionality will be added in time, it would be very useful.