Rhino Display Mode

I am trying to set up a display mode where I can print the lines of my model as vectors lines as i see them in my detail view. I have a couple display modes set up where one of three things happen.

  1. I print with vector output turned on and it prints correctly but everythign comes out raster.
  2. It prints vector output but only prints what is intersecting my clipping plan.
  3. It prints vector output but shows all the lines of objects that are behind closed polysurfaces that closer to the clipping plane.

I know that there is a difference between a technical vs some other type of display mode, but am I missing some setting that will give the result I want without just having to do a make 2d, or rig up some solution with a bunch of hatches.

I think display modes are only that, visualization, not actual geometry or vector entities to export.