Vba excel macro to extract "Notes" from 3dm files

Good day
Suppose I have a lot of 3dm files in the folder (and in subfolders), they have certain _NOTES, is it possible to write a vba macro in excel to go through the files and read the data that is written in the notes?
Perhaps someone came across, I will be glad if there is an example of a macro.

There is an idea that i can use the preview pane from explorer for this, because it contains text information (notes), but I haven’t found any similar examples yet = (

Hi @nrska1995,

Rhino can be automated by Excel via ActiveX.

From Excel, you can launch Rhino like this:

Set objRhino = CreateObject("Rhino.Application")

From there, you can get a hold of Rhino’s COM object, which is called RhinoScript.

With this, you can open 3dm files and get the notes.

Here is a sample script that batch renders 3dm files from a Windows command prompt.


Instead of rendering, you could just get the Notes.

– Dale