1. Is it possible that VASectionView object retain original object’s layer after exploding ?
  2. Is it possible that VASectionView object have pattern for Projection (View Overrides) ?



Hi @igor.gojnik,

  1. This is a bug that has been fixed in VisualARQ 2.12.1. We are going to publish it some of these days, but you can download an internal version here:
  2. That’s not possible right now, unfortunately. But it’s a planned feature for the future so I let you know when it comes true.

Thanks Francesc!

VA 2.12.1 solved my problem. Thanks!
Hatch for projected objects would be very useful also.
We are waiting for VA3!

Kind regards!


Worked on mine as well. I have noticed that the geometry is on the right layers, but the properties are not set to by layer. Is that also a bug or a setting I have missed?

Hi @gabrielsorensen,

This is not a bug. Attributes are set to their effective values because it’s not possible to keep the “By Layer” attribute consistently. It’s difficult to explain, but I’ll try:

VisualARQ components have a complex hierarchy. You can have a component in a layer, with the color set to “By parent” and the object instance in a different layer. So the component will be drawn using the color of the parent layer. So if we set this curve color to “By Layer”, it will be wrong.

We can try to keep the “By layer” on objects that have the color set directly to “By Layer” in the attributes page, but then, if you change the layer colors, it will only work on some of them, and we don’t like this inconsistency.

As plan/section views are like a snapshot capture of how the model was at the moment you updated it (like a Make2D). For example, if you hide a layer, some objects may become hidden, and will not be visible in the plan/section view until you update it.

We think this is the best possible implementation. The only other possible implementation is to create the plan view with the same internal block-hierarchy, which will make the model bigger and slower.



That makes sense. Thank you for the explanation.