SectionView Copies

I don’t know if Va has intended to support multiple copies of views (I believe Rhino does), but I’m finding that the program gets confused in such a case.

After I have duplicated a Section View and updated it with a different layer state, updating the original instance of the Section View will only follow the layer state of the updated copied View. A gif of this issue in model space is uploaded below and I will upload the project for the Asuni Team. (The VaUpdate moment is when the layer panel blinks and regenerates and the mouldings disappear, which they should not because the moulding layer is not hidden and the mouldings are visible in the model as shown near the start of the gif.) This is a particular issue for objects viewed in elevation behind the section where occlusion is happening.

The work around for this is to have a separate Section View for each layer state in which the Section needs to appear. This seem unnecessary labourious. (The reason I’m not activating different layer states in different detail views of the same Section View is that in that situation objects which are occluded by other objects on hidden layers remain occluded by the now-hidden objects.)

I realize that the Va intention is eventually use the model for every detail window and I intent to attempt that on the next project. In the meantime this is my experience with the VaSection workflow in a current project.

Hi, this is a bug. Both section views should follow the same layer state, unless they are shown in different Page Layout Details, and layer state is controlled by Detail view. I’ll get back to you when we fix this.

@djhg we have fixed this bug in VisualARQ 2.5: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.5 released