Issues with VA objects and worksessions

This idea came up: attach a big “masterfile” containing the building geometry to a second, empty, ‘light’ file, then generate a vaSectionView in this second file, work on top of that in 2D, update the vaSectionView from time to time when it has changed, follow up with the 2D detail drawing.
This would make it possible to work in a team, where one does the modelling, the other the 2D detailing. Did not go so well, because:

1 - a ‘live’ vaSectionView or vaPlanView does not survive a save/load of the scene. It becomes an empty block, and cannot be selected anymore. The BlockManager, however, still lists it.
Expected behavior would of course be that the vaPlan/SectionViews keep their content even across save/load, until forced to update. It also should not matter if the contained section lines came from an attached file or from the active scene.
Of course the views could be exploded before saving, but then they would have to be re-created everytime an update from the attached scene is needed.

2 - It seems not to be possible to copy/paste or copy inplace VA objects from attached files into the new scene. It works with normal Rhino objects, but not VA (tried with walls and vaSection).


Hi @Eugen,

A section/plan view with the “Auto-update” check set to false shouldn’t be updated unless you run the vaUpdate command, so there must be a bug. I’ll try to reproduce it and see if I can fix it for 2.12.4.

Yes, this is a known issue. The problem is that when an object in a non-active worksession document is copied, Rhino does not duplicates referenced symbols (layers, linetypes, etc.) until the document is saved, and this is something that VisualARQ does not yet support. But we’ll in a future update, for sure.