Setting Layer Properties for VaPlanView in Viewport Layer Settings has no effect

It seems that VaViews respond only to global Layer properties settings

If this is so, it’s unfortunate. It denies a major feature behind having layer properties and multiple viewports of the same View.

Hi David,

vaPlanView and vaSectionView objects are model objects, and they use the default layer poroperties, not per-viewport specific properties.

These objects create a snapshot on how the model looks from a specific viewpoint. The operations needs to create curves, and these curves need to have effective attributes, so attributes like color, need to be effective on the output curves, so any “By Parent” or “By Layer” color will be converted to the effective value in the moment you run the vaUpdate command.

You can however use realtime plan and section viewports, which do support per-viewport attributes, and they much faster and preciesa than the deprectaed vaPlanView and vaSectionView objects.



I can’t get them to work to create the linework I need. Difficulties with fills, line character, and disappearing door swings. So I am using viewports showing model views (for colour) under viewports showing VaSections.

Hi David,

Please, report also these errors, or we won’t be able to fix them. Can you send us a model with these issues?



The issues aren’t Va issues (except the door swings). Getting Rhino to display and print polysurfaces with per-layer line settings in ortho 3dviews has always been hit-and-miss, and section hatching is so buggy it’s unusable. I have tried them in every project for the last year and always revert to VaViews instead for the linework (with 3dviews underneath if I want to show tone or rendered surfaces.)

It’s worth mentioning that the meshes Rhino generates to display nurb surfaces will sometimes occlude object edge lines in extremely oblique views of curving surfaces, which further complicates 3d view ortho display. (Among the other issues, this makes Rhino’s Display Modes’ offer to display contour lines with differentiated line weights unreliable also.)