VaSectionView Clipped Plane Outline Weight Control

I need to have the perimeter contours wherever any objects are clipped in section to be a thick line, and all the objects beyond, viewed in projection, to be a thin line. Common drawing practice in all places I’ve worked in.

The following image shows that the window sash and frame (which have a solid grey fill here) behave correctly. When clipped they have a .25mm thick lineweight as per the windows layer line weight setting (visible at the top of the layer list), the same sash element beyond the clipped area, viewed in projection, doesn’t follow the layer line weight, but a default thin line weight. This is all as desired. This differentiation is desired also – but I can’t accomplish it – for the sill and casing elements in these images. They’re on the moulding layer (and have a hatched fill here), but as both the below examples show, these ‘moulding’ elements’ lines have a matching line weight: whether clipped or in projection they both follow the layer’s lineweight settings. I need thickness only on the perimeter of the clipped parts of objects. (i.e. the “casing beyond” should remain a fine line.)

In case there’s a setting to be adjusted, below are the settings for all objects on the ‘mouldings layer’ – something has to be changed here, but I haven’t found anything that gives the desired result. It’s crucial to understand that the “casing beyond” and the (selected below) “sill/stop” objects have the identical section and object settings, and both need to show up in section and projection with differentiated line weights. (Otherwise they could just be set differently for this particular section.)

Below are the settings for the Window Object and Window Style, which are behaving correctly:

I’ll send a link, to the file containing the project, to the Asuni email address. It’s called “LineweightDifferentiation”.

I hope the above doesn’t seem over complicated.

The objective of clipped outlines being emphasized by lineweight is, I hope, a simple (and universal) concept.

Hi djhg,
I see the “sill” of that window is a polysurface that does not have any specific line print width assigned.

It is taking the line-weight by layer and for that reason is the same in section as in projection. Just assign a Line Print Width value from the section attributes panel and update the section views.

As a reminder, geometry corresponding to VisualARQ object components (like a window Frame) can get the section attributes from the styles dialog > Attributes tab, after selecting the desired component. Rhino geometry can get the section attributes from the Section Attributes section in the Properties panel.

Thankyou Francesc. This is really good to resolve.