Va Object Line (and Fill) Print Style customization for 1) plan views/section views, and 2) elevations

Looking for the best way to customize this.
My VaSectionViews are using the same line weight for a door in Elevation as they do for the parts a section is cutting through.

Is what I am seeking possible?

Hi @djhg you can define the line weight of objects from their corresponding styles dialog. The plan and section views will show the line-weight according to the object attributes represented in the 2D drawing.

It is not possible to overwrite this line-weight in the Section View by Section view style right now. Is this what you would like to do? In this case we can implement it.

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Thanks Francesc

When a door is represented in Plan or Section, I need a thick line weight.
When it’s represented in Elevation, I need a thin line weight.
That’s what I’m after: If it’s possible, please let me know how to accomplish it.

I like to accomplish line weights by layer, so my preference would be able to assign each of those representation views to a different layer which I can control the lineweight for.

It would likely serve my needs if the Plan and Section representation are on one layer, and the elevation representation is on another layer

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Hi Djhg,
Just notice that in my previous screenshot, in the door styles dialog > Attributes tab, there are two columns for attributes: “projection” and “section”. The first one applies to the object shown in projection (or in elevation) and the “section” one applies for the object in section. In the same screenshot you can see a section view with the same door seen in section and in elevation, with different line weights.
The option to assign section attributes by layer is in our wishlist, so I’ll let you know when we implement this feature. Meantime only the “projection” attributes can be set by layer.

We are working on making it possible to assign line-weights by section and plan view styles. That way the section line weight assigned to a plan or section view style will overwrite the section line weight assigned to objects in plan and section views.


“The first one applies to the object shown in projection (or in elevation) and the “section” one applies for the object in section.” Yes, but which of these is intended to control the plan representation?

“Meantime only the “projection” attributes can be set by layer.”

I can’t get to my computer until you are closed for the week, but for me at the moment the plan view representation is currently following the layer attributes (by default) so I am confused as to how I should be getting something different for the projection.

Both. Objects in plan representation can be also sectioned or shown in projection.

In summary, section attributes apply to the sectioned area of objects shown in vertical sections or horizontal sections while “projection” attributes apply to the rest of the object edges that are shown in projection.

The plan view object should take into account the projection and section attributes of the geometry that is generated in that plan view.

On the other hand, it should be possible to overwrite the attributes of the sectioned objects of these 2D views by “Plan View” style attributes, but it is not working well right now.

I think I have this working acceptably for now, thanks.

@djhg take a look at the new “View overrides” feature of VisualARQ 2.12:

VisualARQ 2.12 is already available for download: VisualARQ 2.12 available - VisualARQ

This is a really nice feature, and 2.12 seems like a really solid update! But, I had the impression it was your intention to move away from plan and section views and focus on real-time generated views in the layouts (which works really well btw). Is there any possibility to override settings that way?

Hi @studioselva ,

You are right, and this is our intention. But the “View Attributes Overrides” by Section view and plan view styles is something we had half-implemented and it was a pity to leave it that way.
I hope we can implement this feature in real-time views from page layouts too, so I’ll keep you posted if there are any news on this topic,

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