VariableOffsetSrf in Grasshopper?

I would ‘like’ to be able to control VariableOffsetSrf functionality using Grasshopper.

I would like to also be able to add other objects onto the new VariableOffsetSrf ‘surface’ such that other objects can be attached to this new surface, and be used to trim from the original surface.

Ultimately, I’d like to use this strategy to create 3D texture on the original surface.

The main reason I need to variably offset a new surface from the original, is to drive a fading effect of the texture to the original surface.

here’s a displacement texture just for reference purpose:

I’d like to be able to produce an actual 3D texture that’s less rough of course, but mainly one that will fade away across the surface in a particular direction(s).

Ultimately using solids/polysrf boolean etc.

I can try building an example manually to provide better imagery later.

I don’t use Rhino for textures but isn’t there a way to fade a displacement map using the texture controls in Rhino?

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Ikr, I’m still new to the ‘displacement’ tool, so if there’s a way to do that lemme know.

While, the other problem is I don’t exactly want to convert to ‘mesh’ geometry just in order to achieve this detail.

The only reason I would even use ‘mesh’ geometry is if I were going to 3D print, or if I were making ‘stock’ in a CAM program etc.

I prefer NURBS all the way to the end for most things.

Not duplicate.

I’m attempting to refrain from “hijacking” the thread you referred to.

That thread was going off into the abyss.

This one will be more specifically focused on actual VariableOffsetSrf functionality within Grasshopper.

Not water droplets n’ such.

But rather actual VariableOffsetSrf control (Grasshopper) feasibility or lack thereof.

Hence, this thread isn’t a duplicate.